Benefits of joining the AOP network

annual conferences, financial protection, global coverage..... common advantages of a global network.
But we go beyond! Check out our multiple tools to make your global networking activities even more beneficial!

A short range of our services:

Annual International Conferences

Once a year the AOP Network comes together to give all members te perfect opportunity to network and to exchange business. To balance out your travel expenses, we change venues every year. Over the past years the AOP conferences took place in beautiful places such as Barcelone, Manila, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Dubai and many more!

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Global Network Coverage

AOP is a growing cargo network.  Our key benefit is to offer you the range of agents in +100 countries all over the world: starting from major markets, evolving markets up to niche markets.

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Unique Financial Protection Program

Our trust-fund based financial protection program ensures that your open dues within the AOP-network are secured and covered. Working with another with peace-of-mind over your finanical matters - that´s our aim and our service for you.

What makes AOP so special for your company?

Reliable Network

Our logistics networks are focused on helping members network with the right agents.  Unlike many other freight forwarding associations, we can proudly say: "we have chosen nearly all of our members personally!" 
This is done through our extensive travel work and personal recommendations and referrals.  Our representatives travel all over the world, visiting members and potential members in order to evaluate them and their facilities.  To date, AOP representatives have been sent to 100 countries around the world.

Our administration is heavily involved in the quality of cooperation amongst our partners. Any issues regarding member reliability, disputes and financial issues are reported to the network’s management and will be taken care of immediately.

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Shipment Obligation

AOP is the only logistics network with a shipment obligation policy which is monitored by our custom developed online software platform.  This way we can oversee the day to day business of our network and make sure that our members are cooperating with each other to a certain extent.  Most importantly, this system ensures that members are receiving an appropriate return of shipments.

Invoice Shipment Report

The ISR, our customs-tailored Invoice & Shipment Report (ISR), keeps an eye on our members´ open dues. It sends out automated payment reminders to members of our network and gives us an overview of the outstanding amounts within our group as well as any payment defaults.

Dispute Management

We all are humans, not robots. As a human we may make a mistake from time to time. AOP assists its members in finding a mutual solution whenever a dispute arises. We evaluate a situation neutral and with the full background of our decades of knowledge in the global forwarding industry.

Dispute Management with the aim of a "golden handshake".