Our associated member: Aviocharter

“Aviocharter is an independent company providing aircraft charter services.
We are based in London, UK but operate worldwide and are available 24/7.

Since our establishment in 2012 we assisted numerous clients in arranging full and part aircraft charters using different types of cargo aircraft ranging from Metroliner to AN124 and AN225 (Mriya). We specialise in arranging aircraft charters mainly to transport project cargo which is URGENT, HEAVY, OUTSIZE and would often require Russian/Ukrainian built, ramp loading aircraft such as AN12, IL76, AN124, AN225 (Mriya).

Over the years we have established good working relationships with all major cargo airlines / suppliers around the world and are able to source any cargo aircraft type which may be required by our clients for their specific projects.

Our team has extensive specialist knowledge to deal with any aircraft charter requirement. Due to our expertise and experience we are able to analyse clients’ requirements quickly and offer the best available and reliable charter and part solutions which meet their timescale and budget.
We are committed to providing personalised service to every client and add value by being professional, dedicated and transparent. Our goal is to build enduring relationships with all our clients and suppliers by working on a partnership basis to help achieve long term success.

We look forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Best regards
Igor Mantrov 

Aviocharter 26-28 Hammersmith Grove W6 7BA United Kingdom
T +44 (0) 207 1291119 M +44 (0) 787 6781791 www.aviocharter.com

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